Thursday, April 14, 2022

Bad News Day Yesterday

Yesterday, and perhaps the last few days, have kind of sucked - albeit external to my feelings and not the result of gluten. That is kind of why I am not writing today.

It wasn't anything in particular, but everything. I am going to list to try to purge myself - like throwing up, but negative energy. You don't have to read this, I just need to get this carp out of my system:

  • The Ukrainian War is getting worse and worse. Mass graves, wild spread killings of civilians for no reason. No one is able to stop Putin. Okay, that is not true, we or NATO could stop him, but it MIGHT mean a much much bigger war.
  • A gunman on a New York subway shot 11 people and only stopped killing many many more because his first high capacity magazine (of 3) jammed early on.
  • Police in Grand Rapids released video of an officer running down a man, guilty of having the wrong licenses plate - so maybe a stolen car (giving them the benefit of the doubt). After running the man down, firing a taser at him and having him subdued on the ground the officer pulled out his gun and fired point blank into his head. Again, this officer killed a man for having the wrong license plate. The officer has not been charged or put on desk duty because "all the information in the case isn't in front of us". Just, you know, the shooting of a restrained man at point blank range.
  • "Don't say gay laws" have been passed in 4 more states, and introduced in 3 more.
  • Tennessee has passed a new marriage type just for straight people. Yes, it is unconstitutional. And no, the Supreme Court hasn't done anything.
  • David Mamet - Pulitzer Prize winning playwright and author, went on radio shows to say that all gay teachers are grooming children for sex. And "almost all teachers" are pedophiles. In this, he made the case that, gay or straight, teachers are pedophiles.
  • Authorities in Texas arrested a woman for murder after she took morning after pill and reported it to her health care provider. That charge, which is illegal in Texas against the women who obtain abortions, was dropped. But not until after someone posted $500,000 bail for the illegal incarceration. The District Attorney now admits their actions were not correct - maybe the District Attorney didn't know the law. The woman's name, the fact that she had an abortion via medication in a very Catholic corner of the state puts her in danger. It is also a  violation of her HIPPA rights.
    • Now any abortion is illegal after 6 weeks. If she wanted to drive, the closest cities are
      • Little Rock ARK - 782 Miles (1,258 KM) each way, plus a waiting period
      • Tulsa OK - 764 Miles (1,229 KM) each way, plus a waiting period
      • La Cruces NM - 837 Miles (1,347 Miles)
    • This means that legally she would have had to KNOWN she was pregnant by 5 weeks. AND have the money and time off for a 4 day round trip travel plus a 24 to 48 hour waiting period. IF she could get an appointment at any of them (all are overworked with extra TX women)
  • Oklahoma, Idaho and Florida have all passed laws banning abortion assuming the Supreme Court overturns the right of a Woman to have an abortion. These statutes do NOT have an exception for Rape or Incest. So if a girl's dad rapes her at 12, she cannot have an abortion. This scenario, by the by, actually did happen in Brazil. The court refused an exception. And yes, she died in childbirth. We are now on that same track.
  • Missouri has passed a law that makes it illegal for their citizens to travel out of the state for an abortion.
  • Thirteen states have overturned the ability to use tele-medicene to get medicated abortion pills - a change from the pandemic where they were blanket approved 
  • 700 plus people have been arrested and charged with storming the capital. ZERO politicians have been reprimanded, much less charged with it. One Senator is selling shirts with him routing on the insurrectionists.
  • Republicans have voted against aid for Ukraine, and days later are demanding it get there sooner. This was all AFTER war crimes were documented.
And that has been my few days.

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