Thursday, April 14, 2022

Lithuania calls Bullshit on Russia

 Well, this is a story that can told best in pictures;


First, the war in Ukraine, a previously neutral nation, has caused Sweden and Finland, also borderland close neutral countries, to rethink this whole "neutral" thing. Maybe they want a little alliance help in keeping Putin at bay.


Putin responded to this in a very I am Putin way. He said - in a mafia voice, "Yeah. You wanna join NATO. That's cool, but now I'm going to station Nuclear Bombs right here. Next door. I don't think your wife's gonna like that." *


This threat was just annoying to the Baltic Countries, which sit between Sweden and Russia. I mean, they had to fight the Soviets for their independence. So Lithuania's representative said, "Erm... Mr. Russia, you seem to have forgotten, you already HAVE Nuclear Weapons on their doorstep. In Kaliningrad.


Kaliningrad!!! I just posted about that less than a month ago!

As I tell Ed continuously, "I am so far ahead of the curve it's scary." He tends to agree with the scary part.

* I supplied the translations. They may be a little off.

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