Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Macbeth with Big Ass Names

Select to enlarge. Credit to Vanity Fair.
I saw Macbeth yesterday. I had tickets for a while, and it went yesterday. I was worried since it was to be the first show after a bunch were covid cancelled. But it went on without a hiccup.

Man was it great! Seriously.

It starred Daniel Craig from 007. And Ruth Negga, nominated for 2 Academy Awards for "Passing" and "Loving" (the story of the Supreme Court repeal of mixed marriage prohibitions.

Amber Grey as Perspheone

They were fantastic. As was Amber Grey. She is known much for stage work. I last saw here in Hadestown but John and Sue may remember her from 
Natasha, Pierre, & the Great Comet of 1812. Amber played Banquo (changing the character to female). It pulled more meaning actually that Banquo was a female and mother - no changes to the plot, but Banquo as a father was not as moving when he dies (it's not a spoiler if it was written 400 years ago).
Asia Kate Dillion from Billions

In the large picture at the top, Amber is braided hair directly behind Daniel Craig.

Asia is to the extreme left in that picture.

The final "big" US name was Asia KateDillon from Billions (pronouns "they" - so this is not a mistake). They played Malcom. Asia was good, but I cannot get easily past their portrayal in Billions. Kate's voice is so distinctive, that it is hard to see them as Malcom.

Finally the director was Sam Gold. He has done some shows I love and some.. not so much. In this I thought the unique pieces (and missing stage items) definitely did not help the production at all. It was horribly bad, but it was distracting.

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