Thursday, February 24, 2022

Why Can't We Believe Evil People?

Most of us who can or do read this blog are very lucky. We have nice things, we live in great countries. We get to watch, read and do what we want. As individuals we tend to hope and believe in the best of people.

And so we make ourselves deaf to warnings that we do not want to hear. We tend to miss the warning signs of acts that we can't perceive of. We forget that there is evil in the world, and replace it with lesser faults like greed or avarice or misunderstandings. 

We hope for the best and so... We ignore the threats from Russia about Ukraine. From China about Taiwan. From Republicans about voting. And from Turkey, Hungary, Poland and Donald Trump about Fascism.

Decades of nearly peaceful coexistence have lulled us into a state of complacency which we are loath to exit. And turning from problems and fear has been fine until the past few years.

But now. We ignore the truths at our peril.   

Below: A woman tries to flee from Kyiv. Unsuccessfully.

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