Friday, February 25, 2022

The Reason We Should Care About Ukraine

Why Care About Ukraine (spoiler, we're fucked if we don't)?

1. There are humanitarian reasons to care about Ukraine. Forty four million people are under attack because Russia has bug up its ass.

2. There is a bond of democracies which Russia is upending for Putin's pride. His neofascist brothers in arms Hungary and Poland - both in NATO - have been silent on this. His puppet Trump has hailed this as a smart and savvy take over by a genius.

Then the 3 final giant problems:

3. China is watching. If Russia attacks and absorbs parts of Ukraine without Western action, China has learned a serious lesson on how to take over Taiwan. China has spoken of forcibly taking Taiwan for decades. Maybe we should listen.

4. This has the ability to spill into a larger war and with NATO. The Baltic countries, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania are in the same spot as Ukraine. They are ex-Soviet states with large Russian minorities, that Putin has spoken of be4ling to greater Russia. These countries members of NATO and are protected by NATO, but why would that stop Putin. He has already complained they were part of the Soviet Union.

5. There has not been a pan-European War in over a century that the United States has not ultimately joined. Stand up to aggression now, or pay with blood to stop it later. Or give in later too.

Russia is counting of the weakness of the west and the terror that maybe Putin is scary enough to start a nuclear war. Right now, many Republicans in this country are choosing to support Russia's takeover. We actual war, that support has slowly decrease. But others are openingly cheer on Putin (including Trump - de facto head of the RNC).

Fox News' Tucker Carlson made the support of case for Russian intervention. He said that Ukraine is a puppet of the United States. Mr. Carlson not only has a rapt audience in the United States, but his comments are now playing on Russian TV all the time.

Then there is this headline - which more than just enjoyment for me - it seems like, just maybe, the Republicans are realizing that Party Leaders seen cheering on a murderous dictator is, you know, a bad look.

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