Thursday, February 24, 2022

The Republicans Close Ranks with Democrats over the War

Ha ha. Just kidding

The Republicans and their political propaganda outlets, Fox News Newsmax, etc., are fully on board with Vladimir Putin. And yes, it is a fucking disgrace that it has come to this. Below is where the Republican leaders and media are saying.

What are their chief cheerleaders saying:

Trump: The entire war is based on a "rigged election". If Trump was President, this would not have happened. Oh yes, to quote Trump, Putin is a very savvy and smart man he admires. Also, Putin is a genius for invading this way.

Fox News: Tucker Carlson: Ukraine is a "client state of the USA" is "not a democracy" and that is why Putin is invading.

Fox News: Laura Ingraham: Ukraine's President asking for peace was "pathetic". "The Democrats don't really care about Ukraine."

Erik Erikson: The war was triggered by environmentalists, not Russia.

Steve Bannon: America should be supporting Russia, because Putin and Russia are not "Woke". And Russia and Putin hate LGBT so they are standing up for morality (you know, because war, do not kill and do not bear false witness are less important that "let's hate fags").

Newsmax: The invasion is a hoax. (Yes, really.)

Charlie Kirk: It is Greta Thunberg's fault.

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  1. We can only hope that sticking with Trump on this will bite them in the ass at the ballot box.


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