Thursday, February 10, 2022

Well, this is a new twist on fuckery

As we all know, the right to abortion looks to be overturned this June. As expected - a number of states have already lined up to outlaw abortion for their state residents (a number have also passed laws to protect women's rights). These laws sometimes do and sometimes don't have an exception for rape or incest. One of my favorites justifications of this is that even incest and rape are God's will. I also liked the state that said incest should not be a case for abortion because "the family will take care of the child". So there is that thinking.

Arkansas, Florida, Missouri, Alabama and Mississippi have already introduced Texas type bounty laws at either 6 weeks or - in the right to abortion is overturned - any abortion in their state.

But Oklahoma, "where the nut-jobs come whipping down the plains", has decided to one up everyone in the asshole department. A number of new laws have been introduced prior to the start of the legislative session. The Governor has already promised to sign any and all that reach his desk.

The worst one, in my book, is the one that requires the state to build a database of pregnant women, you know, to make sure they don't abort or have a miscarriage. 

How do you get on the list? Well, you are required to register and the state will assign you a counselor supposedly to give you information on options like adoption and how to apply for aid. The law requires the counselors to report all pregnant women for the database. I am not clear from reading, but it seems to require OBGYNs to also add anyone who visits them to the pregnancy database.

So yeah, that is where freedom loving Republicans are taking us.

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  1. Sound like a Hipaa violation on steroids and more Nazi BS. Also reminiscent of Scott Lloyd, a Trump official, tracking the menstrual cycles of teen migrants to stop them from obtaining access to legal abortions (which Lloyd admitted}. According to reports, there was a 28-page spreadsheet from the government that listed how far along teen and pre-teen migrant girls pregnancies were, if the pregnancy was a result of consensual sex, if an abortion was asked for, and notes including last menstrual cycles.


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