Thursday, February 10, 2022

Honestly, hard to pass up

I generally have stopped giving the Cuckoo Caucus* even a ounce of thought. They are nuts on purpose and every time they say something assine, they get a ton of donations. So it pays them to be outrageous. Their constant comparisons of mask mandates to the holocaust and of Fauci to Joseph Mengele are just trying to trigger libs and Jewish people, I avoid it.

This, however, it is too lovely to pass up. Marjorie Taylor Greene is espousing some conspiracy shit that Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are spying on a Republican Senator - because his office had been visited. The Senator in question (R - Texas) said that his office was broken into and files photographed (oh my)! The Capital Police explained that his office door was left open and they checked to be sure everything was okay in the office.

And lovely MTG had sumpin' to say about that.

She attempted to compare the police’s investigation to the work done by the Gestapo, Adolf Hitler’s secret police, during World War II. But instead, she referred to "Nancy Pelosi's gazpacho police." Sure I can't spell, but even I would see check this if I was trying to slag off the Speaker of the House.

Here is an helpful illustration for Taylor Greene so she won't mix them up again.

Left - Gestapo / Right - Gazpacho

*The Cuckoo Caucus for me includes
- Lorraine Bobert (R-CO ) with no college background, didn't graduate high school, has GED.
- Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) finished High School, 1 semester of college - too hard!
- Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) graduated U of Georgia, which makes one question the school
- Matt Gaetz (R- FL) He went to Florida State and then William and Mary Law School but just for the underage chicks. 

I only bring this up, because these 4 don't seem able to understand the Constitution (Cawthorn said the Constitution guaranteed him the right to airplane travel). House of Representative Rules (no masks for a year and MTJ has proposed impeachment 4 times). Or gun laws (Bobert tried to bring one onto Floor of the House, Cawthorn tried to bring one on a plane, all 4 have ignored the DC laws about handguns).

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