Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Trump is like Covid, we're tired of them both, but they keep coming back

I don't want to think about Trump anymore. Like Covid, I am sooo over Trump I could scream. But we have to pay attention to both. And like Covid, our best efforts are insufficient to affect the outcome.

Just to bring us all up to date: nothing is happening to our seditious ex-President. The Jan 6th committee has found that:

  • Yes, Trump knew that he lost and wanted Mike Pence to not certify the results and throw the election to the House -where each state gets 1 vote and Trump would win despite the House being held by Democrats.
  • Yes, Trump and his team encouraged the fake electors from 7 states to stand as the "real" electors.
  • Trump's White House wrote multiple requests to seize the voting machines as "defective" and change the vote.
  • Yes, Trump encouraged and his team worked with The Proud Boys. The Proud Boys insurrectionists brought hundreds of guns, thousands of rounds to ammo, pipe bombs, 1 rocket launcher days before the Jan 6th riot, waiting for Trump's orders to attack the House
  • Yes, Trump publicly asked Georgia to change the state's votes to Trump
  • Yes, Trump's Press Secretary, House and Senate members, and Ivanka asked repeatedly for him to stop the rioters. he declined.
  • Yes, the only thing that stopped Trump from declaring the election fraudulent and seizing power was the resignation of Attorney General Bill Barr and then the threat of the entire Justice Department quitting
  • Yes, the military was so worried about Trump starting a war, perhaps nuclear, that they had meetings on if they should follow his orders or follow their oath to protect the constitution
  • Yes, the military was so freaked out, the head of the Joint Chiefs ctually called China to say we wouldn't bomb them.

  • And no, nothing has been done to bring him to justice. Althought we have arrested hundreds of protesters who did what Trump requested to sto the vote count. Thank God, unsuccessfully 

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