Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Miss USA Jumped from our old building - The Orion

I am sure you heard the news that a former Miss USA, Lawyer, and Extra Correspondent jumped off a New York High Rise.

For all of you that ever visited us before 2016, you've actually been to that building. It is the Orion, where we used to live. About 1/2 way up the building there is an outside deck. Now, because of the wind, most people don't go out there except in the heat of summer. I am sure I've taken you all to the deck, because you can see the Hudson from there.

So, yeah, weird.

The cutout is where the deck is that Cheslie Kryst jumped off. It very sad because someone with those credentials you expect to be, if not happy, at least content and on the right track. Just goes to show, it's hard to know people.

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