Monday, January 31, 2022

As our good friend Suzanne would say, "Well that's a clusterfuck"

 From up high, traffic is sad, but funny. Looking out our window we just watched this.

So, three delivery trucks are double parked as they are delivering stuff. Yes, double parking is as regular as it seems on TV. Then a double length bus (which Ed hates with a passion) trid to turn left. Then everything clogged up and just stopped for 10 minutes.

The 3rd delivery truck (behind the FedEx van) couldn't turn because that little grey car was there. That changed when the truck crashed into the little grey car trying to turn and everyone ran out to see the fracas. Finally the little grey car scouched back a little, and the big truck left and the bus was able to go around the corner. But not until they backed this intersection up long enough to back up the intersections on each side.


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