Monday, February 7, 2022

It is painful to watch Broadway die...

One of the fantastic things about New York, nay, the most fantastic thing about New York is theater. So one of the most painful parts of this pandemic is watching theater waste away. 

Broadway, off and on, is still trying to bounce back. But shows can't get off the ground. An, fuck you Covid, I have stopped trying to expect better here. I have had tickets to multiple shows recently, on and off Broadway that have been called off at the last moment, once a few hours before it was to start others a whole 3 days. I had one that I rebooked because it was called off and it was called off again at the new date. And, honestly, I don't have the heart to try to rebook.

We were supposed to see a show last week-end that I have wanted to see for decades. Sondheim's Assassins. It is rarely redone, it is a difficult piece to love, but the music is haunting. Once you get past the obvious thrust of the show - people that assassinated Presidents are fucked up - you hear the reverberations of people with mental problems, with self-image problems and people with delusions of greatness. I could expound, but it would sound pretentious. But I just wanted to see it.

I am having a super hard time having what I love about this city being cancelled over and over. And I KNOW it isn't about me. It's even worse when I think about how this is driving a stake through the hearts and wallets of those in Theater.

But it hurts.

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