Monday, February 7, 2022

I am VERY confused by these people

We've had at least two people prominently on the news recently that were taking off the donor list for refusing to get the Covid vaccine - instead the transplants were given people with a better chance of survival. Now a child needs a heart operation that requires a lot of blood. His parents have refuse to accept blood from people who have been vaccinated.

The cases seems to have gone court in Italy, and the judges may overrule the parents, because there isn't enough "non vaccinated" blood (english link).

Two questions arise here:

1. If people don't believe in the vaccine, because the medical industry is using the vaccine for nefarious purposes, then why on earth would you allow those same medical professionals fix your heart or give you a new kidney? Are they medical geniuses that are trying to take over the world, or a group of dedicated individuals that are trying to save you and your family? Pick one.

2. Are parents allowed to condemn their children to death if a blood transfusion will save them? Actually, in the United States we have answered this in the negative. This country allows doctors to override the parents of children of Jehovah's Witnesses (an others?) to save the life of a child in situations where the child needs blood transfusions. Is there a difference between a religious objection to all blood transfusions, and a conspiracy objection to only vaccinated blood transfusions.

There is also a logistical issue of where they can get that much blood of the right type from only unvaccinated (and alive) people.

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  1. Craziness but I guess people can object to medical treatment for whatever reason. In this case, I suppose the hospital could say "you get enough unvaccinated people with the right blood type to donate what might be needed and we'll do the surgery." But of course there are other considerations that would disqualify them like iron deficiency, not positive for Covid, medications (e.g.immunosuppressants) etc. Certainly waivers would have to be signed by the parents.


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