Tuesday, January 25, 2022

What the hell is this?

I was walking to Bed, Bath and Beyond the other day and I took the shortcut through Lincoln Center.  In front of the Opera House - in Moonstruck it is the big building past the fountain - I saw this. One hopes it is temporary. (Turns out it was installed at the end of 2019.)

Now I know it is "art" and looks quite ...ah... bright? But the question is, what the hell is it. This view is from the slight side. But looking at it straight on is not better (see below).

It looks to me, after quite a bit of pondering, like two or three people, turned to gold (that you Dr. Goldfoot) and merged, via some alien process, with steel beams turned gold as well.

"Yikes", one might say.

A review from the Observer explains this work by George Condo...

Now, Condo has stepped into this artistic tradition with a golden sculpture that somehow evokes deities, lowly human performers and the anxiety of life in 2019 simultaneously. The figure, which resembles a head that’s been deformed by conflicting desires, is also pockmarked and pitted as though it’s been riddled with projectiles. There’s a distinct majesty to it too. “I took it out of the realm of gods and wanted it to echo the feeling of our time, with this idea of a constellation of voices—when so many people have taken to the streets and want to be heard,” Condo told the New York Times.

Condo’s work is often luridly cartoonish and sexual, but this aluminum and gold sculpture works for him on an earnest level that he engages with perhaps more rarely. 

Earnest? Majesty?

Looks like it was  done a rich child shoving playdough people together then dropping it in gold flakes. But maybe it's me.

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  1. Eye of the beholder and all that, I think whatever it's supposed to be it's ugly.


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