Tuesday, January 25, 2022

The stunning self-entitlement of major athletes

Three of our most famous athletes right now refused to get vaccinated and expect the world to accommodate them. They are self-entitled fucks. As old Dragnet would say "Here are their stories."

Aaron Rodgers, last year's most valuable player and Quarterback of the Green Bay Packers. Aaron tested positive for Covid during the season and missed two games. After lying about being vaxxed.

Almost everyone loved Aaron Rodgers. He was nice, he was humble, hell he hosted Jeopardy!  And he entertained us all with a wild personal life: he was with actress Olivia Munn, then actress Shailene Woodley - who just dumped him for being too jealous and controlling - and has lived with his male best friend for years and years.

Well at the beginning of the year he answered press question "Are you vaccinated?" He said, "Yeah. I am immunized." Well that was a lie. He had not been vaccinated. 

Then he went on multiple podcasts to cast doubt on the vaccines, talked up horse medicine and generally didn't believe this was a pandemic despite 800,000 dead in the USA. He is a natural immunity believer, which does not work with regard to the Omicron variant.

Turns out lots and lots of fans were in sad shock. And Jeopardy has dropped even the hint of him replacing Alex Trebek because, you know, the whole anti-science thing. 


Novak Djokovic.  He's always been kind of a dick anyway. He doesn't believe in Covid and really doesn't believe in the Vaccine. For example, in 202 at the height of Covid, he held a tournament in the Balkans: Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Montenegro. Well that was the idea anyway. Teh tour cancelled after 2 cities because everyone got Covid.

But that didn't matter to Mr. Tennis #1 seed. After the vaccine was developed and shared widely, the Australian Open said you could not come into Australia if you weren't vaccinated. OR if you had Covid in December and could not get the vax.

Djoker sent a legal immigration form in that 1: He did have Covid in December (this, by the by, was changed on his "official" records by a Serbian doctor from Negative to Positive). 2: Did not have contact with others after he found he was positive 3. Had not travelled internationally before the tournament.

Turns out all 3 were lies. He was kicked out of the tournament, but he claims it was political. Which might be true as Australians have been locked down for 2 years and were pretty much united he was a dick, but none of it would have happened if he didn't lie.

Kyrie Irving plays basketball for the Brooklyn Nets. Well, not in New York or Canada because they require vaccines to go to large arenas.

Now, while this is selfish and entitled, I do have to give Kyrie credit for not lying. A basic level of decency that Rodgers and Djoker could not meet. So Kyrie plays only on the road. Where, a week or so ago, he got into a verbal fight using words not fit for a family blog with a fan over his status.

There are more, but these are pretty famous assholes.

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