Monday, January 24, 2022

Easy Breezy Week-end

 This weekend was pretty easy and breezy. 

Friday night (the night of Ed's birth), we had a friend over and had Killer Shrimp. For those that don't know, Killer Shrimp used to be a great and cheap place for a communal dinner. Communal is pretty much a no no know, so we made it for just 3 of us. It was great.

Our friend bought desserts for Ed's birthday, we sang and much merriment was had.

Then on Saturday, Eddie was feeling a bit housebound, so we went to watch The Kingsman at Alamo Drafthouse. It is a nice theater and, because they serve drinks and food, there is a lot of space between seats. Of course we wore our masks, and we felt pretty comfortable here.

The Kingsman itself was odd. (No spoilers)

I've seen the other two - this was the third movie, but a prequel so it is the start of the brand. And yes, I have some thoughts.

First, the actor who played Rasputin chewed scenery like he hadn't eaten in years. Over the top doesn't nearly begin to describe it. He was played by Rhys Ifans - the crazy roommate from Notting Hill. He was unrecognizable as Rasputin, but just nuts.

Ralph Fiennes is a fine actor, but as a master of karate, guns, swords, horses, cars and planes, it was more than a bit unbelievable. He's 59, looks a bit older (not that there's anything wrong with that :-) and doesn't seem the part of youthful killer. Albeit , the character only became a human weapon after his turn at pacifism resulted in deaths and injuries of his loved ones. 

It was not as gory as the first two (even though those were fake gore). But it wasn't nearly as engaging either. I do not think those two things are related.

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