Thursday, November 11, 2021

The Antelope Party Review is Up

But first, an observation.

In the past I have been surprised at many reviews from "real" reviewers. Those with a degree in theater, or who have seen hundreds of plays. They tend to like things I either do not understand, or didn't get the analogies, or I did get it and they were still stupid. And then me...

My review of The Antelope Party is kind of like where I really understand that. I absolutely loved the show, even though it sounds idiotic. It is about a group of cosplayers who dress as my little pony to carve out an area where they can feel safe. However, out in the world are other groups, where "play" has turned to conspiracy, conspiracy leads to vigilantes, vigilantes into enforcers of rules, enforcers into fascists.

This play was written in 2018, but delayed because of the pandemic. In fact it was delayed during previews! In the 3 years since it was written, it has turned from a cautionary tale, into real life. But it takes something to get from My Little Pony to Fascism. It is so goofy on the face of it, it is hard to take seriously. But I kind of loved it.

My Little Pony Takes A Turn to the Dark Side

Despite its name, The Antelope Party is not about a group of happy herbivores frolicking in the sun. The play is happy and light, until it takes an unexpected turn. The Antelope Party was written in 2018 and postponed by the pandemic in 2020. It finally comes to the stage in New York with power and prescience far beyond what was implied in 2018 or 2020. 

The Antelope Party opens on a group of people at a completely different type of party. Five friends share a common interest in My Little Pony role playing and meet up once a week. They all take the parts of the various characters from the TV show. The group is made up of 3 bronies (male cosplayers) and 2 Pegasisters (female cosplayers). Each of the weekly meetings starts with a sharing session, which is cleverly laid out to the audience with a combination of love and disbelief.

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