Thursday, November 11, 2021

Mornings at 7 answers the question, Where are they now?

I saw Mornings at 7 yesterday and will write a review tomorrow. But I did have to share the cast. They are pretty much all great, and almost all old stars. Judith Ivey was in it for a few previews and then broke her foot and had to pull out. But her replacement (Alley Mills) was fantastic with less than 10 days of working the role.

Some cast members (5 of 9)

Left to Right, the top is early work, the bottom from MMortnings at 7:

Patty McCormack - The Bad Seed | Mornings
Dan Lauria - Wonder Years (dad) | Mornings
Tony Roberts - Annie Hall | Mornings
Alley Mills - Wonder Years (mom) | with her husband Orson Bean (she was new, so no pics of her in the show yet)
John Rubinstein - Pippin  (he was the original Pippin! - here with Ben Vereen) | Mornings

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