Friday, October 1, 2021

The family crest of the Child Family (from Osterley House below)

 As noted in the post below, the Osterley owners, the Child family, were bankers. As "trades people" they were a bit looked down on by the gentry. So it is interesting to discuss their family crest.

"The coat of arms granted to Sir Francis Child (1642-1713) in 1700, 'gules, a chevron engrailed ermine between three eagles close each gorged with a ducal coronet or', before a foliate mantling, and topped by the crest of Child, 'on a Rock proper an eagle rising argent holding in the beak an adder proper', on a torse."

I think these are fascinating.

So, let's break this down. The crest is found on many pieces furniture in the house. These, from the chair backs, are the easiest to view. First the chairs will constructed in England, then sent to China. After the black enamel was added, the crest was painted on. 

The Gold color signifies generosity and elevation of the mind.

The Orange color signifies worthy ambition.

The oak leaves signify great age and strength (of the family - not like some Methuselah that can bench press 200 pounds).

The eagles (they aren't ducks or pigeons) symbolize person of noble nature, strength, bravery, and alertness. Because the wings are spread on the one at the top, they also symbolize protectiveness.

Why do the ducks have chokers? As noted, they aren't ducks they are eagles. And they aren't chockers they are little crowns. This means that a member of the family has married into the royal line somewhere.

So much information is given in these symbols and crests in order to brag about themselves to other people, without saying a word.

Now, instead of crests, we have pictures of our great bodies, or pictures with expensive cars, or pictures with famous people or pictures at rich functions. Everyone at the Met Gala, wearing fantastic gowns or costumes, is saying "I am rich. I have powerful friends. I can afford a stupid expensive outfit to be worn once. I have time for a trainer." The images function in the same manner as a crest. They conveying information without saying a word.

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