Friday, October 1, 2021

A Local Stately Home in Oserly

This is Osterley House. 

Last of the stately homes from this last trip I will share (promise). Osterley House was originally built. of brick and stone in 1562 a banker. So, even though Queen Elizabeth the First visited once, it was not in a royal (titled) family.

By 1761 (15 years before our revolution!) it was sold to banker Francis Child, founder of Child's Bank. The family, with money but not the social circle the upper classes belonged to, determined to make it one of the most beautiful houses near London. The front facade (above) was extended, the portico and Georgian columns added and generally spruced up.

Carving above Ed and Jane below

Although this looks like a carving, it is only painted to look so. Very well done I think.

ON the other hand, in these are all actual reliefs in the entry hall and doorway to the reception rooms.

Yes, this is the actual color of the "Rose" reception room. If you expand you can see the wall paintings are rife with flowers and birds.

This is simply a staircase. The picture below is of the ceiling in the staircase.

This is the original look of the house before 1761. The did not reface the stables (here), which now house a cafe and shop.

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