Friday, October 1, 2021

Forgotten Austro-Hungarian Fortifications in Montenegro

Previously, I have written about the 1960s - 1990s Yugoslavian monuments all over the region, but specifically in Montenegro. I find them uniquely haunting - the remnants of a society building effort by Yugoslavia's Marshal Tito. A multicultural country that couldn't last past Tito's death.

Another set of ruins is from old forts. From the 1800s - through 1914, much of the current Montenegrin Coastline was ruled by Austria Hungary (A/H). Remember how Captain Von Trapp was a Naval Officer, and it made no sense, because Austra doesn't have a coastline. Well they did.

Above is a side by side pictures of where the old A/H forts were, and the old Montenegrin border was. You can see, the Bay of Kotor was studded with forts. Many to prevent a water incursion by other great powers, and many built to prevail in wars in the Kingdom of Montenegro.

Like many of the Yugoslavian monuments, these old Forts have been mainly forgotten. A few were sold to private investors for future hotels, but most of those contracts have lapsed. they are in a state of ruin, but are still interesting. You can still hike (at your own risk) to many of them.

Fort Azura protecting the hills above Kotor

Fort Manula protecting the entrance of the Bay of Kotor

Massive Hillside fort above the resort city of Budva

Just another reason I find this multilayered country fascinating. There are also roman ruins in the countryside.

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