Friday, October 1, 2021

The Lessons of "On Tyranny" #4

The 4th chapter of on Tyranny is so close to what I have been saying for a while, that you may not believe it is from the book. So, before I go on, here is a picture of the 4th Chapter first page so you don't think I am screwing with you.

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Chapter 4: Take responsibility for the face of the world.

The symbols of today enable the reality of tomorrow. Notice the swastikas and the other signs of hate. Do not look away, and do not get used to them. Remove them yourself and set an example for others to do so.

Yeah, we suck at this. Images below. (And only a smattering of them out of hundreds of thousands).

How badly are we doing? I’m thinking 5 out of 5 stars (5 stars being the worst).

Since Jan 1, 2021: ⤵️ So much worse. Flags of hate, flags of attack and flags that mock others, these have increased since Jan 1, 2021 as Republicans hav embraced or ignored the

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