Friday, September 10, 2021

What 60 years old looked like when I was young

I'm 62 now. Wow, it puts that age in perspective when you write that. Sixty-two. Nope, no better written out. Now when I was young, 62 looked a lot different that it does now. Let's look at some pictures of people at this age, in the bronze age of television.

John Hillerman - 53 here

Irene Ryan, showing her youth at playing Granny at 60

Jim Baccus - 52 here

Pat Buttram - 53 here

Buddy Epsen - 60 here

No wonder 60 freaked me out.


  1. OMG! Irene Ryan must have smoked like a chimney. This is very sobering. I'm in complete denial about what 62 really looks like now.

  2. Yes, poor Irene showed the aging effects of cigarette smoke. A bigger turn off than all those warnings on the side of the carton.


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