Friday, September 10, 2021

This is not a tirade

This is not a tirade. Not a call for help. Just sharing a sense of weariness.

I loath what Covid has done to my life. I mean, sure, everyone's life is screwed, but it is hard to feel for everyone when I just want my husband and I to go back to some sort of normal. Even next to normal would be alright (that was just for me). 

It looked like we might have a good beginning in June and July. We might go back to a normal life: eating inside, traveling, seeing friends, not having the Covid death count lead nearly every news cast.

But then August came and life revisited the covid restrictions due to Delta. I am tired. I am weary and a bit hopeless. And I don't even (mainly) blame the Covid skeptics. In early summer, it looked like covid was going down without vaccines for all. It looked like enough of us had the shot, or gotten covid or were too young and healthy to get sick.

But now, Delta and the unvaccinated have screwed all that. And, the more people that are unvaccinated - the more variants can develop and spread. And it mutates, so now children are being hospitalized by the hundreds. And while I don't really care if the unvaccinated get sick (except for me paying their hospital bills), I do worry when kids get sick.

I feel stuck in an endless ground-hog day, Or ground-hog year. And ...

I do not like it Sam I am. I do not like Covid and spam.


  1. I am weary as well but moderately hopeful based on Biden's new plan to get more folks vaccinated, the mask mandate court ruling against DeSantis, and Garland's announcement about suing TX on its abortion law. There is some light at the end of what's been a very dark tunnel.

  2. I agree. There is a huge backlash agains the mandates - but only from a small (but loud) segment of the population. As for Texas, well a) they suck and b) the ruling may well change the direction of the debate (I am looking for a hopeful sign here).


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