Thursday, September 9, 2021

A now a little Good News on the Climate Change Front

There are essentially two ways to fight climate change (and both are needed). One way - that has proven almost impossible - is to reduce world wide emissions of carbons, from transportation, industry, and agriculture.

So, if we can't do that, what can we do? Well, the other way to fight climate change is to remove carbon from the air. We tend to think of this through planting of trees and changing to native plants versus acres of green lawns.

Although a lot of people have proposed other ways to capture carbon, very few of these methods are on a large enough scale to do the work.

Enter Orca from Climate works. This technology is designed to pull carbon from the air. It is efficient but limited to date.  But an even more efficient system has been started in Iceland where power (via geothermal energy) is almost free and no carbon is produced.

This system pulls air in through the fans and then attracts the carbon via chemical "sponges" and inject it into the ground. More info here.

Good news!

And, since the systems are based on the size of shipping containers, this technology can be built in one place and shipped around the world.

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