Monday, June 7, 2021

Have You Ever Noticed?

(Andy Rooney voice) Have you ever noticed the better Brad Pitt looks in a movie, the worse it is? Just remember that when choosing a Brad Pitt film to watch.

Gorgeous Brad - Horrible Movies:

7 Years in Tibet (slow and oddly offensive)

Ad Astra (slow and stupid)

Troy (Beautiful and pointless)

A River Runs Through It (the river is meandering through it, FYI)

Meet Joe Black (and wake him up when you see him)

Ugly Brad - Fantastic Movies

12 Monkeys  (Brad Plays Crazy as Hell - and nails it)

Fight Club (don't dismiss it like I did, until you see it!)

Burn After Reading (he's pretty but a goof-ass)

Inglorious Bastards (I hate the mustache)

The Rare Good Looking Brad AND Good Movies

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (the oldest Brad is perfect in this movie)

the start of it all - Thelma and Louise (the youngest Brad is perfect)

Mr and Mrs Smith - Great Movie the first time (before you knew he fucked over Jennifer)


  1. I liked "A River Runs Though It". And I don't see the gloriously tressed Brad Pitt from "Legends of the Fall" represented here either. :o

  2. Fair enough (on Legends), and even though it isn't a great move, I did like it.
    I liked A River Runs through it too. But you got to admit, it was SLOW. My mom lives right where it was filmed. The area is beautiful.

  3. As for meet Joe Black... I think we all liked it for its languid romance. But try to watch it again! The Brad gets run over piece is hilarious.


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