Tuesday, January 12, 2021

"Stick with the Lie", and other Jerry Mitchell* quotes (*Gerald Albert Mitchell, not me)

My father's strongest advice, repeated to me multiple times, was "Stick with the lie. No matter who challenges you, no matter the evidence, stick with the lie. As long as you do, people will question themselves if you just stick with the lie."

Of course, that advice, like everything else he said and did, was self-serving. He "advice" to me, was used against me my whole life. A good liar follows that advice. A great liar believes what he says in the moment he says it. I actually watched it once as my father seemed honestly perplexed and offended when confronted about having a son he never sees. Then, not 20 minutes later pulled me aside in the kitchen and says, "shh... She doesn't know about Darrin, and I told her I didn't have any other children." And then pleasantly walked out to the front room and never discussed Darrin again while he was alive, for another decade.

Here it says Trump blames antifa - a massive fucking lie. And sticks with it, even when he can take a reality moment to tell his Congressional partner it's a lie, he goes back to his Antifa comments.

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