Thursday, October 15, 2020

Voter Suppression 101: Iowa and California

 Only in America, of all advanced Democracies, is voting so very difficult already. And only in America is voter disenfranchisement such a big deal. In fact, in any other country, the voter suppression tactics would be labelled as anti-democratic by the United States.

However, now voter suppression is the Republicans' best hope and they use many methods. Here is their first win in actually throwing out votes in Iowa:

Now, you may say, 70,000 votes isn't really that many - which would be valid in California or Texas, but isn't valid in Iowa. Remember, we deliver electors by state in, in Iowa, 70,000 votes would be 4.6% of the 2016 vote. Enough to swing 6 of the last 8 election in Iowa the other way.

In California, the Republican Party is violating state law and legal orders, which sounds odd, but then you realize if the ballots are tossed, they can make the outcome questionable. Which is how Trump plans to use the courts to overturn the election, by making the results questionable.

Welcome to the Thunderdome.

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