Thursday, October 15, 2020

Crazy Second Homes in Denmark

 Denmark - the weather sucks, but the ideas are amazing.

The images are of second home communities in Denmark. They are all designed around a central space where neighbors meet and congregate based on old Danish Villages. parking cars there seems odd, but the idea is cool The homes are all set back, and the front yards are not exactly shared spaces, but not private either. It is designed to reinforce community.

The allotments are very much like the "community garden" ideas in New York and Los Angeles (maybe elsewhere, I just don't know elsewhere).

You can read the article here, including amazing drone footage. It turns out these are second homes only (you cannot occupy for more than 50% of the time) AND you have to have your primary home / condo / apartment within about 15 miles of the location.

They are designed to take your mind away from the daily grind and inhabit a place of hyggelige (similar to cozy).

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