Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Don't Freak Out Over What You Can NEVER Fix

Amy Coney Barrett will be our next Supreme Court Justice. The Democrats cannot stop it and the Republicans are breaking every promise they made, precedent they quoted 4 years ago and shred of dignity to do it.

This cannot be stopped. And I understand why. The key Republican/ Evangelical deal was to trade access to abortion for complicity in lower taxes and removing government. I know that sounds odd, but the compromise is for less government and less rules for everything, EXCEPT moral laws (Abortion, Gay Rights, Access to Health Care).

And, if you really believe that each and every abortion and invitro fertilization attempt is murder, not just wrong, but exactly the same as premeditated murder, then you would also break any norm, shatter any attempt at compromise and shove through a Supreme Court Judge that agrees with you.

I disagree. I think that people with in-vitro children, and those were the process failed, are not murders. I think a woman raped who realizes she is carrying the rapist's sperm may want the morning after pill and I do not think she is a murderer because of it. I even think that a woman who accidentally gets pregnant and decides not to take a 8 week old fetus to term is not a murderer.

Justice Barrett DOES think those things are a moral failing, and murder. I am not saying that, she has writing, lectured and signed public documents that promote this interpretation of moral law.

AND, as shown in her discussions with Senator Cruz, she also believes birth control is murder. You got it ladies, everybody buy a calendar, because Brith control is next! It's just another aborticide / murder method in the Catholic Big Book of No Nos.

But what I, and 60%+ of the country thinks does not matter at all. Because, well because 87,000 people spread across Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin decided that Hillary's emails were worse than the dumpster fire we have in office. Democracy baby!

But we cannot stop this. So relax.

We are set to have a Supreme Court Justice that believes the Founding Fathers wanted convicted felons to buy Automatic Rifles, but not be allowed to vote.

We are set to have a(nother) Supreme Court Justice who believes that I woke up one day and said, "you know what, I choose to be gay today!". And my right to marry is still "subject to lawsuits, therefore NOT settled law".

We are set to have a(nother) Supreme Court Justice who believes that Congress cannot provide heath care laws that help people not businesses.

We are set to have a(nother) Supreme Court Justice that says the "person" of a corporation has more rights than a woman.

We are set to have a Justice that wrote that a workplace where your boss called you a N*GGER is NOT a hostile workplace (she wrote that opinion).

We are set to have a Supreme Court "Constitutional Originalist" who does not know if the President can change the date of the election (he cannot, it is in the Constitution). A "Constitutional Originalist" who does not know if it is illegal to intimidate voters at the polls (it is, there are laws about that and a Constitutional Amendment). And an "extremely intelligent jurist" who has never heard that Donald Trump might challenge the election.

But getting upset doesn't change anything. So vote.

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