Thursday, October 8, 2020

Covid Busy Work - And Some Surprises for me

During this Covid internment I have been doing odd things. One was printing out summaries of my reviews and putting them all in a folder instead of stored out through the internet. I found 2 people I praised early and went on to amazing things.

In 2009, I reviewed a very very young and new actor, Adam Driver in Little Doc. This was before he was a household name (and years before Kylo Ren in Star Wars), and let me quote my review of him.

But it is Adam Driver as Ric that shines the brightest in this cast, particularly in the last section of the show. He plans to get out of his dead end life, at the expense of his friends and family. When his plan is discovered, his failure as a friend and son is overshadowed by his own fear and the desire to escape the consequences of his actions.
Pre-Star Wars Adam Driver

And then in 2012, I reviewed Jeremy Strong in The Great God Pan way way way before he was part of the acting illuminati in Succession. Here is what I said;

Amy Herzog’s new play, The Great God Pan – now playing at Playwrights Horizons, covers familiar ground, without being derivative at all.  The story works because of the unique viewpoint and an outstanding job by the lead, Jeremy Strong.

Pan opens with Jeremy Strong, as Jamie, meeting for the first time in thirty years with a childhood friend, Frank – excellently played by Keith Nobbs as he barely controls his angst and expectations.  Frank tells Jamie that his father abused him, and possible others, including Jamie.

Pre-Succession Jeremy Strong


I am not saying I discovered them, but I was pleased I at least spotted their potential super early.

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