Saturday, June 15, 2019

Trump's Twin Dangers Come Back

President Trump's strength is based, on large part, by his loyal following (and only them) believing his lies and his ability to demonize his enemies.

With a possible actual problems with Iran, these two features are coming back to plague him.

First his loyal following believes his lies, but that group isn't a majority of this country. He barely opens his mouth without some untruth falling out. There have been over 10,000 since office - over 171 misleading, false or untrue statements a day (LINK) !). The country and media have just gotten inured to the crap coming out of his mouth and tuned them out.

So if there are real troubles in Iran, many people don't know what to believe it, because he lied to break the original treaty. And lies all the time since then. But NOW you want us to believe you.

Second he demonizes everyone who isn't his voter.

At a general level, it is hard to support a man who constantly calls all Democrats liars, cheats, traitors who want the worst for this country. These aren't just officials, but regular voters. He has never even tried to be a President for all Americans, but you can't call people that don't fall in line traitors if you never reached out to them.

Specifically re Iran, he has blasted the intelligence community (prior to this) as unreliable and working against him. But now we are suppose to believe them?

And what media supports this. He has blasted real media as fake and Fox as real media and during the Iran crisis they have been carving out time to say Joe Biden might have some hidden illness.

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