Monday, June 17, 2019

Colombus Georgia Genetrification

When visiting Columbus two weeks ago, one thing I loved was the reuse of facilities. Columbus had been a huge textile town before the mills moved offshore. There were 2 spill over damns that powered the mills.

When one of the power plants was hit by lightening, the city took the money and tore down the damns, turning that part of the river into an urban water water / kayaking course.

Since then the old mills have been reworked into lofts and condos. It is very well done. Above is the old power plant. Rather than tear it down, the new condos use it for common areas (patio tables, game room, gym, etc.).

 The picture above shows hte mixed public / private use. The building interior is all common space for the condo, but the island has picnic tables and is for public use.

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