Thursday, June 13, 2019

A Gift from My Class

The class in Georgia sent me off with a few gifts... A bank coffee cup, a bank writing pad and pen.  Oh yea, and a bottle of their favorite bourbon!

You may wonder why I haven’t posted about our dear leader in a while.  Because there is nothing new. It’s the same old shit.

Last week he pretended to threaten tariffs against Mexico. The market dropped, his friends made money from shorting the market, then no new deals. He declared victory and moved on. The news media supported that.

Then he and his kids went to Europe:

  1. Met the Queen and her family (except the one he called “nasty”). They all got to dress up in their best hooker-goes-to-prom dresses and eat fancy.
  2. Got to have a lovely Fox interview where he went off on US Congress people in front of the DDay graveyard (great optics).
  3. Then he flew to a few places where we paid millions of dollars so he could play golf at his country clubs (Ireland).

Yesterday - President Trump agreed to take information about his competitor from a foreign government. That is:

  1.  Illegal campaign donations from a non-US source.
  2. The definition of “traitor” in the US Constitution - giving that a foreign government is trying to undermine our elections.
  3. Exactly the collusion he keeps saying he didn’t do.
  4. No surprise.
Just business as usual now in the USofA

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