Thursday, March 21, 2019

The Travesty of "Not Our Core Values"

The Travesty of "Not Our Core Values".

This quote from the Miami Police (after attacking a black woman who called the police for help) says too much about "Core Values", from the Police or not.

“I find the actions depicted on the video deeply troubling and in no way reflective of our core values of integrity, respect, service, and fairness,” Miami-Dade Police Department Director Juan Perez tweeted last Wednesday in the first official response.

I find that many all too many organizations, including Citibank, Thompson Reuters, most large corporations and too many police departments give the minimal response of "these aren't our core values". Where is the officer now? On desk duty with full pay.

But way too many organizations, especially for profit ones, simple say, this isn't our core values to defend themselves from actually doing anything. Of course they are your core values!!! If you keep hiring and promoting these people it DEFINITELY is your core values. You value money, the person, the income more that your "core value". Just fucking own it.

I had a British SVP at Thompson from England on a conference call and he called one young lady, on the call, a "fucking asshole". I ended the conference call, then he called me up to call me a fucking asshole. I hung again and sent him a note to talk to my boss or HR. A little while later I got HR up to my desk to say it wasn't a Thompson Core Value to curse at people. But, yeah, it was. He was a Senior VP and HR apologized that it was "just how he is." After the 3rd or 4th time, and he needed something from me, he was (surprise) able to be civil to everyone on the phone conference.

I left me last gig at Citibank for a similar reason. They person I worked for had lost her entire team before because she was difficult to work with (she berated people in front of others, ignored mail & phone messages and told people on conference calls they were failures). When I did not reup my contract and Citibank wanted to, they asked me why. I explained what happened, and they said it wasn't a core value of Citibank. Of course it is. HR knows how she is, and you reward that behavior. Don't lie to me, I'm not stupid.

We teach children actions matter more than words so we don't raise little psychopaths. We should be able to teach adults that same thing.

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