Thursday, March 21, 2019

Not to Sound too Prissy....

Donald Trump looks headed to a big re-election, providing the economy stays on track. In many ways this is totally understandable. But in one big way, it isn't so understandable to me.

I don't really have a lot of faith in many things. Lets be honest, in a world where Priests rape kids, rich people bride their children into school, people kill others randomly - all in the name of God, and government officials regularly support neo-Nazis and Nazis, there isn't a lot of faith to be had.

But I rather naively believed in the rule of law for our elected leaders. We used to regularly run law-breakers out of office (for our entire history). And, when we couldn't, there was great shame and they were held in contempt by the public.

The idea that anyone could grow up to President was based on the fact that anyone, through honest hard word and a civic responsibility would be entrusted to be the best to represent the country. Actually it is more than an idea. It is the promise we give to our children to PROVE the greatness ouf our country.

We have had Presidents I didn't like (George W Bush), people I now regret (Bill Clinton) and people I admire (Barack Obama), but they all strove to obey the law and be the best person they could be. Sure, there might be the occasional misstep: George Bush lied about weapons of mass destruction, Bill Clinton lied about lying, some Americans think Barack overstepped his authority, but the greater function of the office has been above reproach with certain norms.

We are on track to reelect President Trump. I don't think he meets the norms of the office. I could go on a great tangent about why, about the laws we know he broke and the many norms of the Presidency that he has trampled on gleefully. But why? It isn't news to anyone and won't win an argument.

What I truly do not understand is how we might elect him again.

Even if his policies are wonderful: outlawing abortion, throwing out immigrants legal and illegal, cutting off our allies, making allies with Russia, China and North Korea, building tariff walls, bringing back coal, cutting environmental protections for increased economic growth, big tax breaks to corporations, massive tax breaks to the rich, tax giveaways to real estate moguls - then fine. Nominate and elect someone else.

Even if you love the fact Democrats hate him (which I understand the motivation for) nominate another person we hate - there are plenty. Lynn Cheney, Dick Cheney, Ted Cruz, Bill O'Riley, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coltur, Mitch McConnell, James Woods, Triumph the Insult Dog. Pick any of them.

But we AS AMERICANS have always pledged to believe in the rule of law. How do we abandon that? What then are we as a people?

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