Thursday, March 21, 2019

More Proof Ben Carson is an Idiot

I don't know how Ben Carson became a doctor. I know that ass-kissing got him to be HUD Secretary, but past that, it's all incomprehensible to me.  Yesterday on Tucker Carlon's show he was attacking immigrants. I get there are plenty of reasons to attack them, but his line of reasoning was idiotic.

“More than ten million illegal aliens are believed to be working in this country under the table. And that is part of the reason that between 2012 and 2016 an estimated 39 million Social Security numbers were stolen from Americans for fraudulent use, a fact that’s rarely reported. But legal or not immigrants send their earnings abroad and they pay nothing when they do it because remittances are untaxed. It’s a pretty good deal for Mexico and Guatemala.
“When is the last time you made a financial transaction that wasn’t taxed? Can you even remember? At one point the Trump administration proposed a remittance tax, lobbyists from Mexico didn’t like the idea, the idea went nowhere. We can’t fix that on this show.

Okay, let's talk about this. First "When was the last time you made a financial transaction that wasn't taxed?" ANY deposit to your account. Any withdrawal from your account made at the bank. Writing a check to someone. Paying a bill electronically. NONE OF THOSE ARE TAXED, you dope.

Also, regarding Social Security numbers. They are not usually stolen from people, but bogus numbers. And that means THEY PAY Social Security taxes, but never get the benefits. That money goes into our system for Americans to use.

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