Wednesday, June 5, 2024

So - Here is my problem

Trump as tornado sucking up everything in its path
I made this with AI imaging

Trump is sucking up all the oxygen in the country - much less just the election. He lies so often that he cannot be fact-checked, and even if he was, his fans would not care.

I am trying to avoid him and this topic; it is no fun, but here are his most recent lies destroying America.

He says all of these things, and the media reports on them regularly. Obviously, they are lies designed to overwhelm us.

  1. The trial was a witch hunt.
  2. The trial was unfair because it was adjudicated in New York City. Too many Democrats.
  3. Joe Biden was behind this political attack of a trial. Actually it was a state issue, so he had nothing to do with it. AND it was not a political attack.
  4. Trump said he never slept with Stormy Daniels. (eyes roll back in my head)
  5. Trump said he never said, "Lock her up"
  6. Trump said that Jews who  vote for Biden are traitors to their religion
I could go on, but it hurts. The Republicans have made people believe that democracy is broken, our voting system is broken, and now our courts / juries are not trustworthy.
He is breaking my heart, and now me.

I just cannot.


  1. I totally agree the rhetoric is absurd and potentially harmful. Despite that, I have faith that most Americans do not buy the lies and many high profile Republicans are speaking out against them. If anything, it's possible the position Trump's acolytes are spewing may backfire and will get people who otherwise may have stayed home or voted down ticket vote Trump and his supporters out. Trump's base isn't enough to get him elected. Time will tell.

  2. Boy o boy - I hope you are right!!!!!


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