Wednesday, June 5, 2024

It has been a while: Met Visit last Friday

 I was in New York last weekend with Eddie. His company gave him a send-off since his last day was Friday. It was very nice of his company and showed how much they appreciate him.

While we were there, I went to a show at the Met. It was about the reverse side of many pictures from the Renaissance Era. I did not know this, but many of these pictures had images on the reverse. The images seem decorative to me, but then I read some of the details. It is quite something.

This is how the images look on the front and reverse.

The back is distorted as most of these reverse images have been marred by updated backing, or reinforcements, or collection markers.

These are some of the better examples and their description.

Seems to be a pot of flowers to me... but no.



Kind of cool, right?

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