Monday, May 6, 2024

Kristin Nome did what!

 This is mainly for my Brit friends. Because they must wonder if this is real. It is.

The Governor of South Dakota is a MAGA woman, styled in Trump's favorite female look (1980s disco tart), and killed her puppy.

What?!? I hear you ask. Just this, Governor Puppy Killer released an autobiography about her life. She is angling to be VP Candidate with Trump and a political book is required for political hacks. But she might have included too much information. 

In the book, she describes a 14-month-old puppy (she calls it a puppy, not me) that she was trying to train to be a hunting dog. It turns out that Cricket wasn't good at hunting and wasn't well trained. Knowing this, she stopped with Cricket, unleashed, opened the car door, and Cricket got out and killed some chickens. 

Well Kristi, not one to be crossed or be made a fool by a dog. She took Cricket to the gravel pit and shot him dead. Later that day, while bloodlust was still high, she took a "dirty smelly goat" to that same gravel pit and shot him. The first shot didn't work, so she had to walk back to her truck, reload, and then go back to the gravel field where the goat was painfully wounded, but not dead, to finish up the job.

She has received some major sh*t about this. And this is a parody ad that is hella funny.

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