Friday, May 3, 2024

It's stories like this that are a major problem


I have said this a lot. (And I say it again because it is my blog ;-).

A story that provides only despair is less than useless. See this headline: "Fighting climate change demands degrowth."

Say who now?

To many people, this will read as, "Hi, I'm here to take away your lifestyle. Hand over all your electronics."

How about "Fighting climate change demands a different kind of growth." Things like growth in green energy, real recycling, and new consumer goods that take advantage of research already done."

See, that might still piss people off, but as the way new production should be implemented. Instead of the implication someone is going to take their TVs and Dishwashers.

Coal displaced steam when coal was cheaper per kw.

Oil and natural gas are displacing coal because it is cheaper and cleaner (and the US government provides subsidies for fossil fuels).

Green energy from wind, solar, hydroelectric, and nuclear power will displace fossil files as their prices drop.

No one will choose to be a monk over a consumer. And that isn't the story Matthen Rozsa is pushing, but over 80% of even the readers of this liberal web site will not read THAT story.

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