Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Well - You did it, You lost me

 Let me start by saying this - so you know where I start from. Israel was attacked on October 7th, 2023, in a despicable act by Hamas that murdered 1606 people, kidnapped about 240 people as hostages, and sexually assaulted many others. It was horrible, and I understand the urge to retaliate in order to stop this from happening again.

And they did retaliate. Despite the destruction of Gaza City and making hundreds of thousands of people homeless, I understood it.

But for me,  they passed the "understanding" phase a long time ago. There are no over 32,000 dead, and thousands of them are were children. The Israeli forces moved everyone to Raffah to clean out Hamas and then decided to attack Raffah.

Look, Hamas is a horrible terrorist organization. But there is no way there are over 32,000 Hamas terrorists. Given the scale of destruction, there is no way the residents are going back to normal for years or decades. Killing more and more people, destroying all hospitals, and preventing food aid has gone from questionable to wrong to very wrong and is now in illegal territory, FOR ME. I don't claim for anyone else.

America is providing weapons to Israel, which they are using to kill more civilians. I don't know what the answer is, but bombing international aid food trucks in a famine zone is criminal and morally unsupportable. The aid workers had their vehicles fully marked. The aid workers told the Israelis where and what they were doing. The first, perhaps accidental, bombing hit the first car. The aid workers had time for everyone to exit the first car and get into the second car or the food aid semi truck. The drone operators, even if they missed the big signs in the first attack, had to know in the second attack.

I mean, I suppose the Israeli government doesn't give a shit that they have lost me. I don't live in Israel, and I don't vote there. It looks like Netanyahu is using the war to prop up his Presidency - which, again - is none of my business per se. But he is now killing aid workers and kids with American weapons. That is my business.

We can't tell Israelis what to do. Their country's leaders don't listen to us. Nor do they have to. But we should stop sending them weapons and giving the $3 Billion a year to kill kids to keep Netanyahu in power.

The mismatch between the food drops and the massive number of refugees in the camps (bottom of page) is staggering

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