Wednesday, April 3, 2024

UK Reviews Tracker

 Tracker is a US TV show that is oddly appealing. It isn't really Justin Hartley - who is handsome in a nondescript kind of way that does nothing for me. 

But the show is puppy-dog appealing in its kindness, the way it adds humor, and that whole PG vibe. I find the show enjoyable and entertaining, and it is often conducted with terrible acting chops - which I find funny. I giggle inappropriately sometimes, and Ed is not entirely pleased with that.

With those expectations set here is some of the review (entire review here).

I will say that I find it refreshing that after each adventure, where he invariably finds the missing, he has no problem taking the reward check because that is his job. If it was "heartwrenching," he would do it for free. I am glad he doesn't - it gives him a motive that is believable.

And the review ends thusly:

This is big, bold, brassy and daft television. When things go wrong, they don’t just go a bit wrong. They go standoff, car chase, helicopter chase, dramatic death, truck rolls back off the edge of a cliff wrong. Tracker isn’t going to win any awards for subtlety, but then again, not everything has to be subtle. This is “brewski beer me” television, and in all of its overwrought silliness, it manages to have a lot of rugged fun.

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