Saturday, March 23, 2024

You can skip - rant about the Supremes

 The Supreme Court is killing me. Well, killing Democracy (big D), hopes, rights, the Consitution, a d anything else they can get their grubby little mitts on.

I did this with AI - asking for a Supreme Court in a snow globe held up by Elephants (Republicans).

Recently (like last 3 weeks)!

Refused to act on Trump's "unlimited immunity" until so late that the trials could not start until after the election. They were petitioned by prosecutors in January. They will hear arguments in May and will rule in June or July. The last time something came up like that was in 2000 - they ruled in 3 days. So it is just a feint to allow Trump to run.

Decided that Amendment 14: section 2 - which disallows participants of an insurrection from holding office - doesn't mean that. It ONLY works for non-federal elections. Exactly the opposite of what it meant and means to any non-political judge. They say before you can do that, Congress must impeach you. Just so you know how f*ckjing asinine this is - impeachment was the only way to remove a President UNTIL the amendment in question. Impeachment depends on a 2/3 vote in the Senate. It has never happened due to politics alone.

They have let stand "for now" a rule that Texas can arrest and deport illegal immigrants on their own. And they can do it under ANY reasonable suspicion. That would include ANY Hispanic citizen because they look foreign to a Texas State Trooper. So if you aren't carrying your passport, green card, citizenship papers, or birth certificate ON YOUR BODY, they can legally send you to Mexico, and you have to prove you are American to get back in. And no, driver's licenses do not work. The Constitution EXPLICITLY reserves the right to enforce immigration to the Feds - not the states. The Supreme Court doesn't give a shit.

They are not apolitical. And 6 are very conservative. 3 of those are reactionary conservatives.

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