Saturday, March 23, 2024

Everyone has their own priorities

 This headline makes it evident that everyone has their own priorities. I would not have posted this:

Here is my issue with this.

  1. The Houthis have NOT declared war on the environment. The Houthis have sought to make the world pay for the attacks in Gaza. The straight where the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea have a choke point and area to attack ships. It is an excellent area for this action - right or wrong of the Houthis.
  2. The Houthis have been at war for decades against the Saudis and the Emirates of UAE, and they have wanted to attack those countries that supplied equipment for these attacks, the Americans and their allies. They have never threatened "the environment".
I worry about the environment, but this adds about 0.0001% of the pollution that affects the environment. The article's chicken-little approach turns off even environmentalists like me.

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