Saturday, November 18, 2023

Posting on hold for a while

 According to the second most powerful man in Washington, I am the reason our country is Hellward bound. (Not homeward bound - that is Simon and Garfunkel. Who are not the problem despite breaking a few of the Big 10

I mean, look at my marriage! 

Am I not the actual instrument and embodiment of hell that many of my Countrymen believe and share freely?

The embodiment of all that is unholy.
Swearing to support my husband forever.

Sorry, nieces - Hell 4 U

Sorry Jane Hell 4 U

Hell for Canadians 2? Sorry Joc.

Did we doom the Brits 2? Sorry Gareth

And Barbara

Sorry Scott's Family - Hell

And Lynn

(Mother of the Hell Hound)

Well, their from New Orleans -
They were already in trouble

Right after this picture, Carson's arms spontaneously caught on fire

Sorry Juni - No Dog Heaven for you

Sorry Ed's Family - Hell

Poor Scotsmen Probably Hell 4 U 2

Sorry Lynn - Hell 4 U (twice, but ...
we've been friends for a long time. You're definitely going)


  1. As they say in the songs: "Where you lead, I will follow" and "if you're going down I'm going down too." We travel well together.

    1. Indeed. We must stop dwelling. It would be easier if the news every night did not include some trash-ass things Republicans are doing.

  2. We were already going to hell in a hand cart before you met us. We just recognised a fellow traveller. Lisa