Saturday, November 18, 2023

God Has Doomed America Because 25% of Kids Haven't Decided Who they Want to Sleep With for the Rest of Their Lives

This has bugged me, but not for the reason you might think.

So, yes, I know he is an incoherent christo-fascist. But that isn't my only problem here. It is his reasoning - or lack of it.

He is obsessed with homos - still not the problem in and of itself. But he is self-unaware and shares that freely AND is second in line to the Presidency should something happen to the president and Vice-President.So yes, he scares the fuck out of me.

He is using statistics from a question where the results were that 25% of High School Kids did not know yet if they were going to exclusively sleep with men or women in the future. Not all, or mostly, gay. Not all, or mostly, lesbian. Most were thinking bisexual - without or without ever doing anything - OR not sure.

And that is dooming our culture to eternal damnation. The idea of a small minority of kids, the vast majority of whom have not had sex at all, haven't decided who they want to sleep with for the rest of their lives.

Why only sex? Why not religion? I bet more than 25% of kids aren't sure they are Christian yet. Why doesn't that doom us to hell?

How about future plans. I bet more than 25% of kids don't know what they want to do when they graduate. Does that doom us to hell?

What about getting married. I am sure more than 25% do not want to get married but do plan to have sex. That is a BIG sin. It's in the Top 10 from the tablets! But that isn't the list of going-to-hell reasons.

No. A 15-year-old kid hasn't decided who they want to sleep with for the rest of their lives; THAT is the kicker that sends America into the fire pits of hell.

Here, by the way, is a section of actual 15 year olds. These are the kids that are sending America into hell because they cannot tell you who they want to sleep with right this second for the rest of their lives!!

These are 15-Year-Olds at a Michigan High School Shooting , which FYI - school shootings don't send America to Hell.  BUT - if 6 of these kids don't know EXACTLY who they want to FUCK for the rest of their lives? Hellfire to the rest of us.


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