Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Nope: You Still Don't Understand

 Glenn Youngkin is was a Republican Governor is a purple state - mixed control of the legislature by Republicans in charge of the State House of Reps and Democrats in charge of the State Senate.

Glenn was thought of as a way to pitch Republican ideas in a down vest, big smile, and easy manner. In furtherance of his Presidential ambitions, he planned a "compromise" on abortion - trying to take that issue off the table. He proposed a 15-week cut-off with exceptions for the life of mother or rape (not sure about incest).

Instead of capturing the State Senate, which would let him pass that bill, voters took away the State House of Reps to give control of both to Democrats. Youngkin himself wasn't up for relection.

But see, here is the problem we all see. If a state sets a limit of 15 weeks that is approved, and the Republicans control both Houses in Virginia, then the legislature can vote to make it 12 or 10 or 3 weeks, despite promises of 15 weeks.

So the voters did not give him anything he wanted, despite his plans and donors' dollars attempting to remake him as a compromiser - the public just does not trust Republicans around Abortion / women's Bodily rights.

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