Thursday, November 30, 2023

Donald Amiot

 Ed's step-dad, Don, passed away on Monday. We had a great weekend with him before this happened. He is getting older and had gone mainly blind last year. But for Thanksgiving weekend, he had saved up his energy and was right on the ball.

We all had dinner on Thanksgiving, and Don and Carson then went to the birthday of his grandniece, where he saw the other side of his family.

He passed away on Monday after a car accident. Ed's mom was in the hospital for two days but was released yesterday, and her son drove her back to Minneapolis.

We all - including me - enjoyed our time with him very much. He worked in athletics his entire life as a coach and then Athletic Director at the University of Wisconsin, Stephen's Point. After Ed graduated, he became the Athletic Director at Mankato State (Minnesota). 

Here are some pictures from Thanksgiving.

Jo and Donald

The grandkids (Faith, Mejkin, Dora, Sean, Ansley)

Grandpa Don and Ansley

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