Monday, October 2, 2023

Are the Republicans still the party of Reagan?


Reagan got many things wrong. However, in retrospect, he seems almost quaint. 

When he was wrong, it was from an actual place of disagreement. It was from a clash of ideas and methods. It might have been a way to further enrich the rich, but it was not an attempt to enrich himself.

Is that better than the nonsense that goes on now?

Yes. Politicians now play to the lowest common denominator. It is a field where outrage and anger drive money to the loudest and most obnoxious of our representatives. It is a profession that rewards simple-mindedness and resentment.

Many of us, Republicans and Democrats, believe that gridlock in government is a product of entropy and hubris. Or laziness and greed. And so we try to break that gridlock. But the voters of neither party have not been able to dominate electorally. And many of us believe that our voices are artificially ignored because the other party is holding us back.

And so we begin to wonder if Democracy is the correct answer. I think it is, but only if we follow Ronald Reagan's and Jimmy Carter's advice. We work as a country to solve problems, care for the people of the United States, and at least understand the other side.

I mean, they're wrong, but we should be able to compromise somewhere.

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